Are there hot springs? Should we go to the hot springs?

Here was a question from a guest:

Is it worth taking a day trip to Ouray for the hot springs?

Here was my response:


I would take a trip to Ouray, do the hot springs, have a massage and a nice dinner.

So, for massage/hot springs I would recommend 2 places-
1) In Ridgeway, (a little over an hour or so away) there is the Orvis Hot Springs. You can have a massage in a yurt there in addition.
2) In Ouray, about 15 more minutes down the road from Ridgeway, there is the Wiesbaden Hot Springs (you can also have a massage there if you wish).

Let me first say that both of these places are a bit weird (as are many things in and around Telluride). However, that is what makes them interesting and unique. We go to one or the other.

Orvis – this is the closest (one hour away from Telluride) and is about 15 min before Ouray. For hot springs, it is probably my favorite. It is clothing optional and I would say most people do not wear clothes in the pools and are wrapped in towels when walking around. I mostly have gone during the night. It is worth doing if you like hot springs. They have different pools and they are different temps and locations. They have multiple private yurts where you can go get a massage. They also have a clothed family pool but I have never been in there.

Wiesbaden – this is in Ouray (about 1 ½ hours from Telluride) and has an outside swimming pool with hot springs water pumped in. The views are great there because you hang out in the pool and see Ouray mountains. Downstairs, they have a makeshift dressing/changing area and something they call the ‘vapor cave’. It is wild and is like a makeshift steam room/hot tub inside a cave. I enjoy it. For massage, they have a few rooms. I have only been inside the one that has cave walls. I would request that one as I am not sure the others have that and it makes it nice and warm in there.

In Ouray there is a restaurant called the Outlaw – love it – old western steakhouse. There is also a mexican place across the street Bien Tiempo or something like that. I would go to Outlaw for dinner if you are there then. Mexican restaurant can be hit or miss but is good usually.

I hope that helps.

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