Should I Stay In Mountain Village or Telluride?

Should you stay in Mountain Village or the town of Telluride?

My personal opinion (and other people might feel differently) is this –

They are really 2 different experiences. Mountain Village is (even though connected by the free Gondola) like its own town and reminds me of what you see at other western ski resorts. To me, that is not what I come to Telluride for. I come for its quaintness and local flavor. At night, there is not a ton of activity although way more in recent years and you are always a gondola ride down to Telluride.

The Town of Telluride is like nothing else and has a lot more activity and charm at its disposal. I have stayed in both places and much prefer the town of Telluride. For one thing, you are going to want to spend time in the town anyway so to me it makes sense to be there.

I recently had a guest Melissa book that said this –

We are coming back for an extended stay to do more hiking, paddle boarding and traveling around there area. We stayed in the Mountain Village this summer. It was all we could get at the time of booking. We did not like the location and are booking early to make sure we are in town. Your condo looks great and the location cannot be beat.

That pretty much sums up how I feel. Also, the best area in town to stay is the Gondola Corridor. We are in it as well as other condos and lodging. It is very central to everything and the gondola base for when you want to take a ride over to Mountain Village which is definitely worth doing.

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