What is the altitude of Telluride and Mountain Village and will I get altitude sickness?

Should you be concerned about altitude sickness?

Some people do really have problems in Telluride. You are at 8750 feet in town. You are at 9545 in Mountain Village and some peaks on the mountain are 13,000 or so.

I drink lots of water and no alcohol the first night I am there. I also try not to exert myself walking up hills, etc., quickly the first day and rest for a quick second if I do feel winded. I have not had issues with altitude but my dad has.

Two things you can do if you get into issues with altitude and/or short of breath while you are there – a company there air options has an o2 machine they can bring over for a fee that you hook with tubes to your nose. It is about the size of a suitcase and it is a little pricey but if you get into major issues nice to have. My dad did this and it really helped.

They also at Telluride Sports around the corner from our condo sell a small can of o2 that you can just take a shot off of whenever needed. It is about $50 I think and is great for just minor sickness where you need a boost from time to time. I know several people that have used it and have loved it.

Interestingly, my dad came back and did not have problems this time around so it really just varies and you might not know whether you are susceptible or not until you get there.

Three more things – exercise is harder, sleep will be lighter and alcohol will intoxicate you quicker with the lack of oxygen.

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